Choreographed by Giuliana Majo

Performed by You and Giuliana

Dramaturgy by Cosimo Lopalco

Music Masquerade Waltz by Aram Khachaturian

Supported by Aerowaves, TripSpace , Centro Per La Scena Contemporanea

Appreciation Society is Giuliana Majo's  lecture-performance and artistic research on audience energetics


The investigation lies in noticing the effects that dance and performance have on us when we are audience members.

What traces does watching movement leave? What emotions does it stir? How can we prepare ourselves to contribute to the unfolding of the performance in the best way we can and live our audience membership to its fullest.

In the belief that living fully is an act of radical courage Giuliana Majo surreptitiously seeks ways to encourage such vibrancy of living within the spectator's position. At the end of the day both performers and spectators play a major role in the successful unfolding of the performance.

So: how can we become the BEST... audience members.... we can possibly be?

Come and watch Appreciation Society to find out!


Expect to:

  • Watch some light dance

  • Be involved in kind and consensual audience participation

  • Learn lots about  the wonders of your anatomy

  • Become a lifelong member of The Dance Audience Membership Society

By the end of the lecture you'll love dance even more that you did before you saw Appreciation Society.

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